Picture of Peckish Cafe, SM1 4BB

Peckish Cafe, SM1 4BB

Cafe and sandwich bar just off the High Street in Sutton.

The sandwich bar is at the front and the cafe is accessed round the side. The cafe can probably seat around 40 people.

bob visited on a Saturday lunchtime in September 2013. There were a couple of people in already and few more turned up while I was there.

I had set breakfast 5 (£6.90) photo. The quality was good: the mushrooms were certainly better than at most greasy spoons, and the egg yolks were runny.

Accessibility: Can't remember if there was a step to get in. Once you're in, there's level access to the seating and the toilet. The tables and chairs are fixed to the floor and each other.

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Last visited by bob, September 2013. Opening hours taken from signs outside on that visit.
OS X co-ord: 525853 OS Y co-ord: 164509 (Latitude: 51.365709 Longitude: -0.193547)
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