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Home, SE13 6JZ

Small Chinese cafe/restaurant at the Ladywell end of Lewisham. They also do takeaway and delivery, and offer online ordering via Just-Eat.

The ambience is firmly cafe-like, with just 16 seats on the ground floor. They also advertise KTV (karaoke), so there may be additional seating upstairs, or it may be just karaoke up there.

They appear to have three different menus; one with the usual Anglicised Chinese dishes, another bilingual one with a few more exciting things such as Chinese cold dishes, and yet another which is entirely in Chinese and focuses on Sichuan dishes.

Kake and bob visited on a Thursday evening in June 2011. Arriving a little after 8pm, we were the only customers. We ordered from the Chinese menu (which we were not offered by default; we had to ask for it).

Man-and-wife offal slices (夫妻肺片/fū qī fèi piàn; £5) photo weren't bad, but the knifework could have been more delicate.

Twice-cooked pork (回鍋肉/huí guō ròu; £6) photo was fine, with the fermented black beans present and correct, though the dish as a whole was perhaps a little too bulked out with onion.

Cumin beef (孜然牛肉/zī rán niú ròu; £6) photo also suffered from the onion problem, and the sauce was a little too gloopy.

Northern-style pork and Chinese chive dumplings (豬肉韮菜餃子/zhū ròu jiǔ cài jiǎo zi; £4) were fine, with robust, chewy wrappers. Plain rice was also fine, and bargain-tastic at only £1/portion.

Kake's verdict: Not sure. It's a plus point that they do proper Chinese food, and the prices are pretty good, but I've had better quality elsewhere. They have a "skewers" (串/chuàn) section on the Chinese menu which I think I'd give a go if I went back; perhaps we just managed to miss ordering the dishes they do best.

Accessibility: A step to get in. Level access to the toilets.

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Last visited by Kake and bob, June 2011.
OS X co-ord: 538076 OS Y co-ord: 175009 (Latitude: 51.457228 Longitude: -0.013992)
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