Picture of Hilltop Cafe, SE26 5QW

Hilltop Cafe, SE26 5QW

Greasy spoon in Sydenham, a minute away from Sydenham Station (across the main road).

The cafe seats around 40, with small tables arranged in groups of 4 and 6 seats. You order and pay at the counter at the back, above which there is a comprehensive menu detailing breakfast combinations and prices. Decor is basic but there are a couple of framed pictures of Elvis and Bob Marley on the walls, each with an unusual holographic tint on them.

On Kat's Sunday morning visit in March 2015, there were 3 other patrons, plus a few people popping in to order takeaway. Absolute Radio was playing, not too loudly. A large cup of tea was 80p (teabag left in). A previous takeaway experience revealed that the bacon sandwiches weren't outstanding but were extremely good value (around £1.50) for the size.

Kat's verdict: a cheap and convenient breakfast spot, especially as many other cafes in the area are closed before 10 on Sunday mornings.

Accessibility: a step to get in, then level throughout. Didn't check the toilets.

Last visited by Kat, March 2015.
OS X co-ord: 535411 OS Y co-ord: 171497 (Latitude: 51.426310 Longitude: -0.053668)
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