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Chutney, SE24 9AA

Indian takeaway in Herne Hill with online ordering via Just Eat and via Hungry House.

In July 2009, secretlondon ordered handi rezalla (£6), a side of niramish bhajee (£2), a stuffed naan (£1.35), a can (60p), and an onion salad (50p) to get over the £10 delivery limit. The menu describes handi dishes as Bengali made from pureed coriander with mint, garlic and ginger and handi rezalla as "Chicken or lamb cooked with green chilli and whole garlic cloves in fairly hot sauce." Niramesh is a type of mixed vegetable curry I think.

It arrived on time but the delivery driver was a bit slapdash — not really caring how much the food was! They gave me the wrong drink (I ordered Lilt and got Coke) and the niramesh side was labeled "dry vegetables" which is another item on their menu. The naan was stuffed with something but I'm not sure what.

The handi rezalla was chicken in a brown curry sauce with whole green chillis and some green pepper. I couldn't taste any coriander. It did come with rice which is one thing, and it was good value. It feels like they could have served me anything though — is the niramesh bhajee the same as the dry vegetables? Maybe they have the same dish under two names — one the more exotic. Wikipedia says that a handi is a pot, and googling for handi sauce doesn't find any uniformity.

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Food last sampled by secretlondon, July 2009.
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