Bloomsbury Farmers' Market, WC1E 7HY

Farmers Market every Thursday behind ULU (now called Student Central) in Bloomsbury. secretlondon has visited a few times, most recently in August 2016.

Unlike normal farmers markets this doesn't have many farmers, on my August 2016 visit pretty much all the stalls (bar 2) were selling hot 'street food'. Their facebook page promotes it as a lunch venue and from my visit I can certainly confirm that. Before 2pm there were massive queues at every stall, after 2pm there were still a few places open with much shorter queues. I got some sourdough bread (£2.50) from one of the two non-lunch stalls and a dosa from an Indian food stall.

I'm not entirely sure this counts as a market as it's more like an open air food court.

Last visited by secretlondon, August 2016. Opening times from website, August 2016.

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