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Pub in [[Locale Acton|Acton]].
Pub with microbrewery in [[Locale Acton|Acton]].
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Note: The Aeronaut was [http://web.archive.org/web/20170131171523/http://www.aeronaut.pub/post/132605648788/aeronaut-fire-as-you-might-have-heard-our-new-year badly damaged in a fire] on 1 January 2017, and was closed for most of the year. It [https://twitter.com/AeronautActon/status/936605644597153792 has now reopened], but we haven't visited since, so some or all of the below may be out of date.
<b>Note:</b> The Aeronaut was [http://www.aeronaut.pub/post/132605648788/aeronaut-fire-as-you-might-have-heard-our-new-yearbadly damaged in a fire] on 1 January 2017, and so is currently temporarily closed.
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* [http://whatpub.com/pubs/MDX/12166/ WhatPub entry]
* [http://whatpub.com/pubs/MDX/12166/ What Pub entry]
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summary='Pub in Acton.'
summary='Temporarily-closed pub with microbrewery in Acton.'

Pub with microbrewery in Acton.

Note: The Aeronaut was damaged in a fire on 1 January 2017, and so is currently temporarily closed.

bob visited at about 3pm on a Sunday afternoon in September 2014. There were a few customers outside in the beer garden and a couple inside. A large area to the side of the bar was closed.

I had a pint of the Laines Porter (£4), brewed on-site. It was fine. The other beers were a range from the original brewery in Brighton and other London outposts.

There was supposed to be a jazz band playing from 3pm but they were still turning up while i was there. On Friday and Saturday nights they sometimes have circus performers. The new season was just starting up in September.

According to a leaflet seen in September 2014, there's a quiz every Wednesday at 8pm.

Accessibility: A step to get in and another step to the gents'. There is a Yale locked accessible toilet, with no indication of whether a key is available.

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Last visited by bob, September 2014. Opening hours taken from the 2015 Good Beer Guide.

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