Widow's Son, E3 3PJ

The Widow's Son was a pub in Bow, very close to Devons Road Station. As of March 2016, diamond geezer reports that it has closed.

It remains closed as of early November 2016 photo, though there does seem to be some sort of building work going on inside.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

It's quite sparse inside, with bare floorboards underfoot and England flags festooning the ceiling. A dais in one corner offers banquette seating, stools line the bar, and a pool table stands in the remaining space. A net full of desiccated hot cross buns hangs over the bar (referencing a tradition described at the Fancyapint link below). A similarly sparse beer garden out the back is furnished with two picnic tables plus a freestanding bench.

When Kake, Ewan, Bec, and other Tube Walkers visited on a Sunday afternoon in March 2014, there were only a few other customers in. A TV was showing sports commentary with the sound on quietly, gently competing with some equally-quiet piped music.

There are no handpumps for real ale. On our March 2014 visit, they had Guinness Extra Cold, Tetley Smoothflow, San Miguel, and Strongbow, among other keg drinks. A J2O was £1.90. They didn't appear to have a gun for soft drinks; lemonade came from a plastic bottle and Coke came from cans.

There was no sign of food on our visit.

Kake's verdict: The whole pub seemed really quite run down, with broken locks on the toilet doors and various detritus (including a hoover) stored on what looked like it might once have been a stage area. Not somewhere I'd come back to on purpose, unless I was passing and needed a sit-down.

Accessibility: Steps at both entrances. Most of the interior seating is either on a dais (up one step) or on high stools at the bar, though there is one table on the level. No further steps to toilets. Small step to beer garden.

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Last visited by Kake, Ewan, Bec, and other Tube Walkers, March 2014.
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