Lutong Pinoy, SW5 0RR

Small informal Filipino restaurant just off Earl's Court Road near Earl's Court Station.

There's seating for about a dozen people on the ground floor level, and more seating up a half-flight of stairs. They also have a buffet station at the back of the ground floor level. As of August 2008 the all-you-can-eat buffet price was £7.50, but a sign exhorts you to only take as much as you can actually finish, and warns that there's a 50% extra charge for food wastage.

Kake visited late on a Thursday lunchtime (around 2pm) in August 2008. There were two other customers when I arrived; a mother and toddler sampling the buffet. A couple of other eat-in customers turned up while I was there, as well as two people who came for a takeaway from the buffet — rather than them serving themselves, their takeaway boxes were filled by one of the staff; this may have been because they were regulars though. There was a TV mounted up by the ceiling at the back of the room, playing some kind of Filipino game show.

I tried the pork adobo (somewhere around £5.50); the meat itself was fine, being tender yet still with some texture, but the sauce was a bit lacking in sourness (as noted in the Chowhound thread below). The pork had a good balance between meat and fat, and the oiliness of the dish was just about right. I had this with plain white rice, some of which was fine but the rest was overcooked and mushy.

I also got some lumpia (spring rolls) to take away (i.e. smuggle into the Great British Beer Festival to share with my friends who were already there). I'd wanted the fresh lumpia ("fresh" in the sense of having a salady filling and not being deep-fried after wrapping), but these weren't available so I got the deep-fried pork ones instead; they were fine without being anything special.

Service was friendly enough. One staff member was very enthusiastic about the buffet, and said I really should try it next time. I suspect that it is in fact the best bet outside peak lunch/dinner hours; they're open all day but they almost certainly have a reduced kitchen staff outside core hours.

Accessibility: one step up to get in, and a half-flight of steps to get to the upper seating level (I think the loos are up there too). The buffet is located on the lower level.

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Last visited by Kake, 7 August 2008.
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