Fresh Pizza Company, Victoria Station

Pizza place in Victoria Station.

Note: As of 9 November 2013, the restaurant is boarded over, as is Garfunkel's (next to it) and the equivalent premises on the floor below. There's a sign up apologising for the inconvenience, so presumably this is a temporary issue during building work. However, there's no indication of how long it will last for. (The general construction isn't due to finish until 2018.)

It's mainly notable for its all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, which is served until 10:30am and costs £5.49. Drinks are extra: a 16oz (400ml) lemonade costs £2.00, and a pot of tea costs £1.70. (All prices correct as of December 2012.) NB Unlike Pizza Hut, soft drinks don't include free refills: the staff may offer you another drink, but you'll have to pay again for it.

Kake, bob, Billy, Adam, Martin, Nick, and other Circle Line pub crawlers visited for breakfast on a Friday morning in October 2007. The hot buffet ("meat buffet") offered hash browns (replaced at one point by chips), beans, bacon, sausages, fried eggs, fried mushrooms, fried (fresh) tomatoes, and toast. The toast was actually quite good, cut thickly from a decent enough loaf and not soggy at all. Bob thought the fried eggs were overcooked. The cooked buffet was still the same in December 2012, but they stopped refilling it at about 10:15am. The staff offered toast as people came in (a choice of white/brown bread), then brought it to the tables.

There was also a cold buffet ("veg buffet") with fruit and stuff, which our party entirely ignored. I don't know if you're allowed to mix and match, or if you're meant to stick to one or the other.

Despite the sign at the entrance asking people to wait to be seated, we were there at the tail end of serving time, when it was fairly empty, so we ended up just wandering in, grabbing plates and food, and seating ourselves. They did take ages to get around to coming and offering us drinks (some of us had already finished eating).

secretlondon tried the non-breakfast offerings in November 2008; unfortunately the pizza was poor. The buffet did include fruit and salad though.

We've had a number of comments on this page, some of them claiming that this place serves great pizza, others claiming that it serves terrible pizza. We maintain that it might be best to stick to the breakfast buffet.

Wifi: There's a free wifi network; no encryption, so no key required. In December 2012, John was able to join the network (using an iPad) but he couldn't get internet access. A member of staff said that you need to register before you can use it, possibly through a website. There are other unsecured wifi networks within range, including McDonalds (part of O2 Wifi): this asks you to register, but then provides free internet access.

To get here from the concourse, go up the escalator next to Upper Crust, go along a bit, and go up again to the top floor. Strictly speaking, this area is known as Victoria Plaza. There's step free access from the top floor to the restaurant, and from the road outside to the lower floor of the plaza. Apparently there's also a lift halfway along platforms 13/14 that goes to the taxi rank outside the lower floor. There doesn't appear to be a lift going to the top floor of the plaza.

Last visited by John, December 2012.

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