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Small Ethiopian cafe in Camberwell, secretlondon thinks on the site of an old greasy spoon. It is in a row of shops set back from Camberwell Road, and connected to the estate that contains the Castlemead tower block. It is in between Camberwell and Walworth, but south of Burgess Park, near what used to be National bathrooms and is now another African church.

secretlondon popped in one Saturday evening to try the food. Ethiopian and Eritrean food are really very similar, but Eritrean food seems to be more common, so it's nice to see Ethiopian food locally. Their menu (on their website here is 2 pages with no starters or desserts. They are licensed - I had a bottle of water but they do Ethiopian tea (which I should have had) and wine, beer etc. I had one dish awaze tibs (£6.99) which is spiced lamb on an injeera. I was asked how hot I wanted it. I was still hungry after one dish and next time I may have more.

They do a mixed vegetarian meal (on an injeera) with a selection of dishes for £7.25. They also do a combination meal for two at £16.

The food was nice and I'll certainly come back. This feels like an unknown treasure, but I like Ethiopian and Eritrean food.

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Last visited by secretlondon, March 2010. Opening hours from website.

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