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* [http://www.fluidfoundation.com/venuedetails.aspx?VenueID=2760 Fluid Foundation comments]
* [http://www.timeout.com/london/bars/reviews/11564.html Time Out review]
* [http://www.fluidstyle.co.uk/
venuedetails.aspx?venueID=2760 Fluid Style writeup] (scroll down for user comments)

Advertising itself as "England's only floating pub", the Wibbley Wobbley is a pub situated inside a boat moored in Greenland Dock on the east side of the Rotherhithe peninsula.

It's a little cramped inside near the bar, though there's more room further back than you might expect. A floating pontoon attached to the side of the boat provides external seating space, which is quite nice on a sunny day (though note it's rather more wobbly than the boat itself).

Kake and doop visited on a Sunday Bank Holiday afternoon in May 2008. No cask ales, but they did have Old Speckled Hen on tap (£2.80/pint). They also had other standard pub fizz including Strongbow. There were a fair few other customers, most of them enjoying the weather outside on the pontoon, but we managed to get a table out there too.

Kake visited again on a Wednesday evening in October 2008. It was pretty much empty apart from a regular at the bar, a couple in a corner, and three young men unwinding after work. No piped music. Strongbow was £1.40/half.

They were doing food during our May 2008 visit, including "roast rib of beef with Yorkshire pudding and all the veggies" (£9.50) and "goats cheese, thyme and red onion tart with proper veggie gravy, asparagus and new potatoes" (£8.50) (photo of that day's menu); not sure whether food is served throughout the week.

Signage on the boat indicates that there's a restaurant upstairs called French Fred's, but the BITE comments linked below suggest that this is no longer actually in existence as a separate concern (and we didn't check).

Accessibility: Fairly steep set of steps down to get in, with very low handrail. Toilets are minuscule, with heavy enough doors that Kake momentarily thought she was locked in.

Getting here: The map link on this page is accurate; note that many online maps have the pointer in the wrong place (the centre of the postcode).

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