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The bare brick of the arch has been left visible, and the rumble of trains overhead can be heard. Cinema seating is on long, comfortably-padded benches. There's a bar area at the back of the room, with access to a small balcony.

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In addition, the entire cinema can be hired out (by both members and non-members) for private viewings.

Accessibility: A flight of steps with a handrail on both sides to get in. A few more steps to the toilets once you're in. All the seating in the bar area is on high stools.

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Independent cinema in a railway arch in Loughborough Junction.

It's mainly members-only (annual or monthly subscriptions), but a limited number of weekly passes are available at prices not much more than a ticket for a single film would cost in a large chain cinema. Holders of annual, monthly, and weekly passes can attend as many screenings as they wish during the time their passes are valid for.

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