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[[Leon]] visited here on 13th June 2008. I found the individually-wrapped sushi quite disappointing. I liked the onigiri, the salmon-egg and the eel nigiri. The rest of the fish was just very bland and uninteresting. The advantage is that you can choose what you like. They have just opened, and at 1pm it was terribly busy, it was hard to pick sushi and the queue spread right through the shop and past opposite shops. I'll get my spy to try the hot dishes. About seven quid per person for mixed sushi.

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Pick and mix sushi/Japanese takeaway place in Canary Wharf.

They have a couple of chill cabinets containing individually wrapped nigiri, gunkanmaki, rolls, etc, and a hot food counter as well. Sushi is £1-1.50 per two pieces, and hot dishes cost around £4–5. (You can view the whole menu here.)

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