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[[Category Wetherspoons|Wetherspoons]] pub in [[Locale Leytonstone|Leytonstone]].
[[Category Wetherspoons|Wetherspoons]] pub in [[Locale Leytonstone|Leytonstone]], in the [[Category Good Beer Guide|Good Beer Guide]].
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category='Good Beer Guide 2013,Pub Food,Pubs,Real Ale,Smoking Area,Wetherspoons'
category='Good Beer Guide,Good Beer Guide 2013,Pub Food,Pubs,Real Ale,Smoking Area,Wetherspoons'
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summary='Wetherspoons pub in Leytonstone.'
summary='Wetherspoons pub in Leytonstone, in the Good Beer Guide.'

Wetherspoons pub in Leytonstone, in the Good Beer Guide.

It's a pretty standard Wetherspoons, with a low ceiling, patterned carpet, and a mixture of booth seating and freestanding tables. The pub sits on a corner, and along one side is a relatively large area of outside seating, with parasols above and separated from the pavement by a tall fence.

Kake and several friends visited on a Wednesday evening in September 2012. Eight real ales were available: Hook Norton Double Stout (£2.30/pint), Jennings Crag Rat (£1.99/pint), RCH PG Steam, Adnams Broadside, London Pride, Abbot Ale, Ruddles Best, and Courage Directors.

There were quite a lot of people in at 6:30pm, though several tables were still free; the place remained busy throughout our visit. Service was friendly.

Like all Wetherspoons, food is served all day from a standard menu.

Accessibility: No step to get in, and it's step-free through to the bar, the ladies', and much of the seating. Some of the seating is on a dais.

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Last visited by Kake et al., September 2012. Opening hours taken from the 2013 Good Beer Guide.

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