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This small cafe opened on Chatsworth Road in 2007, and has clearly immediately appealed to the young parents of Lower Clapton, whom you can reliably find in here, particularly on the weekends. There's a covered garden at the back, and on sunny days there are tables outside on the pavement.

It opens early enough to get coffee and pastries before work, but is also open for sandwiches and the like at lunchtimes.

Bec visited in April 2012, where the coffee was fresh and delicious, and a blueberry cheesecake muffin was slightly cheaper than the new Cakey Muto down the road at around £2.00, and gorgeous — moist, with an oozy cheesecake filling. Bacon sandwiches were £3 with other small breakfast items around the same price. Service was a bit slow, but the cafe is bright and cheery, and a pleasant place to sip coffee and read the paper.

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Last visited by Bec, April 2012. Opening hours taken from Venetia's website, May 2012.

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