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Comment added by Shermarama: The other two beers that day were Westerham's, Black Eagle SPA and Puddleduck Porter.
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Good Beer Guide pub serving a range of beers. HSB is normally on.

The pub is quite small but you can normally find a table. The pub is normally busy with locals.

Lunch served on weekdays, and there is a quiz on Thursday nights.

They can also arrange 20 litre polypins of beer to take away, given sufficient notice.

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Last visited by Kake, Ewan and many others on 27 Jan 2008.

Comment added by Kake: Three real ales plus HSB were available at our January 2008 visit. One of them was called Swordfish, can't remember the others. Very friendly pub; several people said goodbye to us when we left. We'd have stayed longer if we hadn't worried we were taking up so much space.

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