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Good Beer Guide pub serving a range of beers. HSB is normally on. On our January 2008 visit the beers available were HSB, Swordfish, Westerham's Black Eagle SPA, and Westerham's Puddledock Porter.

The pub is quite small but you can normally find a table. It's normally busy with locals. Very friendly pub; even when we took a largeish group there in January 2008 there was no grumpiness about us colonising half the pub, and several people said goodbye to us when we left. We'd have stayed longer if we hadn't been worried about taking up so much space (it really is tiny).

Lunch served on weekdays, and there is a quiz on Thursday nights. A jazz band plays there between 2:30pm and 5:30pm on Sunday afternoons (free entry). The "What's On" on their website seems to be kept regularly updated.

They can also arrange 20 litre polypins of beer to take away, given sufficient notice.

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Last visited by Kake, Ewan, and many others on 27 January 2008. Opening hours and quiz night info taken from the 2007 Good Beer Guide. Sunday jazz info verified January 2008.

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