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Pub on the High Road in Kilburn.

Note: According to the April/May 2017 London Drinker, the Sir Colin Campbell changed hands in January 2017, and so some or all of the comments below may be out of date. It now has a gastro Irish restaurant upstairs called Summers and sells Irish craft beer.

Very much a locals' Irish pub.

The old Watney's signage outside a pub always betokens a certain kind of experience, hinting that a pub is a place for local drinkers, and such is certainly the case here. It's not unfriendly by any means, but visitors to the area (and ale drinkers) will probably prefer the more polished middle-classness of the nearby Black Lion.

The strength of this pub is clearly where any local pub's strength lies: fostering a sense of real community, helped by regular Friday and Saturday night traditional Irish music sessions. Everyone here seems to be friends, and that's a good thing to see.

Decor is fairly basic, some small tables and seating along the walls, with the saloon/public split retained on either side of the bar. The public bar side has a dartboard.

There's no ale (except John Smith's on draught), but Guinness is obviously the thing here, as well as a range of basic lagers.

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Last visited by Ewan and friend, February 2010.

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