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McMullen pub in Barnet. It's been in the Good Beer Guide a few times, most recently in 2010.

There's some outside seating at the front. An anonymous visitor (March 2009) tells us there's a very nice beer garden around the back, too.

On bob's September 2010 visit, half of the pub was booked for a loud young persons' party. The real ales available were Holt Humdinger (£3.10/pint), McMullen Country, and McMullen AK.

According to the Sebright Arms website as of January 2011, food is served 6pm-10pm Tue-Fri; noon-3pm and 6pm-10:30pm Sat; and noon-3pm and 6pm-10pm Sun (no food Mondays).

According to an email from the landlord (January 2011), they have table football and a dart board, and there's live music on Sunday evenings.

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Last visited by bob, 18 September 2010. Opening hours taken from the Sebright Arms website, January 2011.

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