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A lovely independent cinema in Brixton, run by the City Screen group.

Films shown are a mix of mainstream and arthouse features. Screen 1 is very large, holding several hundred, though other screens are far smaller. The seats are all very comfortable.

It hosts the monthly Knitflicks knitting group meetups — special screenings where the lights are left on so you can see what you're doing! They also do special screenings for other groups quite regularly, so it's worth checking the website.

The cafe and bar area has been prominently relocated to the front of the cinema with the box office to the side. There is also a cafe space upstairs, serving pizzas and savoury crepes, as well as a range of drinks, alcoholic and otherwise. Do be warned that service can be a little on the slow side, so if you need to get to a film, allow plenty of time. On Ewan's most recent visit they had managed to run out of all but the most expensive red wines (which cost more than £5 for a small 175ml glass).

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Last visited by Ewan, December 2008. Knitflicks not yet attended by an RGLer (or, alternatively, RGL has not yet recruited any regular knitflickers...)

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