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Restaurante Santafereņo is a Colombian restaurant in Brixton village, which appears to be permanently busy and popular with the local Colombian community. It is possibly the largest venue in the arcade, with seating for 40 outside and a similar number inside.

On a Sunday morning visit in October, itsbruce tried the calentados (£6), a breakfast dish of rice and beans, plaintain, scrambled eggs, arepa (corn bread) and grilled beef, which came in a very generous serving (photo). The beef was tender but one of the fattier cuts, while the rice and plantain were simple and unspiced. The scrambled egg was the most interesting component, spiced with chives, peppers and onion. itsbruce was encouraged by staff to flavour the meal with some of the green salsa which is available fresh in a small pot on every table; the clean, sharp flavours of the salsa did complement the dish quite well. With the addition of a coffee, the bill for breakfast came to £7.

Last visited by itsbruce, 9 October 2011.

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