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Pub and restaurant in [[Locale Thamesmead|Thamesmead]].
Crown Carveries (Mitchells & Butlers) pub/restaurant in [[Locale Thamesmead|Thamesmead]].
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Note: It was previously part of the Crown Carveries chain (Mitchells &amp; Butlers), but according to the Oct/Nov 2017 <i>London Drinker</i> it has now been sold to Milton Pubs & Taverns, and so some of the details below may be out of date.

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summary='Pub and restaurant in Thamesmead.'
website='http://www.crowncarveries.co.uk/nationalsearch/london/theprincessalicethamesmead' website=''
summary='Crown Carveries (Mitchells & Butlers) pub/restaurant in Thamesmead.'
website='http://www.crowncarveries.co.uk/nationalsearch/london/theprincessalicethamesmead' website=''

Crown Carveries (Mitchells & Butlers) pub/restaurant in Thamesmead.

It appears to be named after the Princess Alice steamboat, which sank nearby in 1878.

Although the space is open-plan, there's a fairly clear division between its two functions. To the right as you go in is a wood-panelled drinking area with a fruit machine, pool table, and flatscreen. To the left is a much more extensive dining space, with an open buffet station.

The decor is pretty much what one might expect from a chain dining pub aimed at the cheaper end of the market, though perfectly fine for what it is. The ceiling is low, the carpet is patterned, and exposed brickwork is here and there, but the overall feel is very much built-in-the-80s.

Kake visited on a Wednesday afternoon in September 2015. There were about nine or ten people in when I arrived a little after 3pm. Music was playing fairly quietly, and sport was showing on the flatscreen with the sound on, again fairly quietly. There was plenty of lively conversation, and most of the other customers seemed to know each other.

There are three handpumps on the bar, but only one was clipped, for London Pride. A pint of lime and soda was £1.70.

According to a banner outside in September 2015, they do an all-you-can-eat breakfast for £4 every day from 8am to 11:30am. The carvery is available after 11:30am, as well as a fairly standard pub food menu with several vegetarian options.

There's free WiFi via O2 (requires registration, I think via a text message). A sign warns that charging phones or laptops is prohibited.

Child-friendliness: According to a sign seen in September 2015, children are allowed until 9:30pm. There's a children's option for the carvery, and a very small children's menu consisting entirely of pasta.

Accessibility: No steps to get in, to the bar, to the buffet, to the seating, or to the toilets (including a RADAR-locked accessible one).

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Last visited by Kake, September 2015. Opening hours taken from the Crown Carveries website, September 2015.

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