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Good Beer Guide pub in Hampstead.

Like many of Hampstead's pubs, the Olde White Bear is tucked away in a charming little square which can be a little hard to find — it's worth the trouble, though. Inside, there are a number of different seating areas, but all have a similar atmosphere of smart-but-traditional photo, with plentiful dark wood, and walls lined with signed black-and-white photos of various actors. Bar stools line the bar, and there are a couple of picnic tables out the front.

There are six handpumps, which according to the 2009 Good Beer Guide serve "a constantly changing range of up to six beers". On Kake's August 2009 visit four of these were on, offering Springhead Ginger Pig (£1.60/half), Wadworth Henry's IPA, Meantime LPA, and Brains SA Gold. (A comment from a staff member in the BITE comments linked below suggests that they usually have four on in the week and six at weekends, also that the lack of the usual Pride, Young's, etc is a deliberate choice.)

When Kake visited on a Wednesday afternoon in September 2009, there were no other customers. Service was friendly. Jazz was playing quietly and unobtrusively.

The 2009 Good Beer Guide recommends the food, but we haven't tried it yet.

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Last visited by Kake, 2 September 2009. Opening times taken from the 2009 Good Beer Guide.

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