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* [https://www.flickr.com/photos/kake_pugh/47994490132/ Photo of the menu as of May 2019]
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A friendly café in the Bromley Mall hiding about 100m away from the high street.

The large menu includes all the usual "all day breakfast" choices (set meals £7 - £9, or a build-your-own, with a couple of Turkish variants too), burgers, baked potatoes, home made dishes (lasagne, moussaka, etc), and childrens meals (most £4).

In January 2019, Nick had a Turkish breakfast for £7.50, which included olives and grilled haloumi, whilst Andrea observed that the cheese in her baked potato actually tasted of something (in contrast to the cheese used by the baked potato restaurant in the Glades shopping centre nearby).

Nick's verdict: We found it fun, the best lunch option we've discovered when shopping in Bromley, and will go back.

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Last visited by Nick and Andrea, January 2019.

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