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<b>News added by [[Kake]], 12 February 2008:</b> New featured article: [[Shooting Star, E1 7JF]]. <div class="news_comment"><a href="http://community.livejournal.com/rglondon/18920.html">Comment on this news item</a> on our <a href="http://community.livejournal.com/rglondon/">blog</a>.</div>

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News added by Kake, 4 February 2008: I've added a statistics page which gives both real-time and "last complete month" statistics for things like number of pages, number of edits, etc. I've also fixed a fairly long-standing bug that was making things go missing from the navbar on certain pages.

News added by Kake, 3 February 2008: New featured article: Sultan, SW19 1BT.

News added by Kake, 28 January 2008: New featured article: Buffet Brazil, SW15 1SL.

News added by Kake, 21 January 2008: Earlier today I stumbled on Your London, which is a gov.uk site with interactive maps of various useful things, including public toilets and cash machines. From a quick squint it looked fairly accurate (at least in terms of the cash machines near Bermondsey Station), so every RGL page with a postcode now has links at the bottom to let you search for nearby loos and holes-in-wall (see for example Freemasons Arms, WC2E 9NG). If it turns out not to be particularly accurate after all, I'll remove the links — so please let me know if you have any trouble with it.

News added by Kake, 20 January 2008: New featured article: Muna's, N8 0RE.

News added by bob, 14 January 2008: New featured article: Glow Lounge, SW4 9DW.

News added by Kake, 8 January 2008: I've added a new way to search RGL: find all pages with photos by a specific person; handy if you want to keep track of which of your photos have been used on RGL.

News added by bob, 7 January 2008: New featured article: Charles Lamb, N1 8DE.

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