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The Narrow (originally called the Barley Mow and then The Narrow Street Pub) was bought and renovated by Gordon Ramsay at the beginning of 2007. To quote the pub's website - "In its new form, Gordon Ramsay Holdings have created a warm and relaxed environment where the emphasis is on good quality food with real ales and ciders."

There are a number of separate areas; a restaurant, a conservatory, a bar area, and a riverside patio. All except the restaurant are available to non-eaters and people who haven't booked. The restaurant serves traditional British food (pie, fish and chips, sausage and mash, braised lamb - posh versions, of course), while bar food (pints of prawns, pickled cockles/whelks/mussels, potted salt beef, dressed crab/lobster, ploughman's) is available in the other areas.

Kake and Ewan visited on a Friday evening in June 2008. Arriving at 7pm, we were lucky to find a spare table. Two real ales were available; Adnams Regatta (£2.80/pint) and Deuchars IPA - there was another handpump with no clip, which judging by other reviews on the interweb usually has Pride on. We sat in the conservatory, which has a rather nice view over the river. It seems that despite the Gordon Ramsay connection, this place is actually a decent bet even if you just want a pint.

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Last visited by Kake and Ewan, 27 June 2008. Opening hours taken from Time Out website, April 2008.

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