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summary='Good Beer Guide pub in Greenwich.'

Good Beer Guide pub in Greenwich.

The extremely modest frontage of this backstreet pub bears only a single clue as to what lies within: the name "The Morden Arms" high up on the corner pediment. Inside, it's a single relatively small room, well-filled with tables, mismatched chairs, and padded banquettes. Octagonal pillars break up the space. The floor is bare boards, and two old brick fireplaces stand along one wall.

While the main entrance is at the corner, there's also a side entrance via a porch that protrudes rectangularly into the room, surmounted by a collection of hats including a trilby, a hardhat, and even a party hat. The bar at the back has an interesting curved gantry with what looks like it might be original art painted directly onto the backlit glass. Windows are leaded and frosted.

Speakers and mic stands in one corner suggest regular live music, and on our visit there was a board alongside listing a impressive thirteen performances in the coming months.

Kake visited on a Friday lunchtime in September 2019. It was pretty quiet throughout my short visit, with just one or two other customers (one definite customer, the other with undefined status). The staff member opening up the bar seemed to be quite surprised to have a non-regular customer. No music was playing.

The handpumps were clipped for Truman's Swift, Runner, and Lazarus, as well as Wells Bombardier. They insisted on giving me my pint of lime and soda for free since they'd been a couple of minutes late in opening, so I don't know how much it usually costs.

Accessibility: A tiny step at the corner entrance. Toilets not checked.

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Last visited by Kake, September 2019. Opening hours taken from the 2020 Good Beer Guide.

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