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Wetherspoons pub in Harrow. It's relatively small as Wetherspoons pubs go, and the 2009 Good Beer Guide warns that it's "always very busy before football and rugby league games at the nearby Wembley Stadium".

Kake visited on a Friday early evening in March 2010. When I arrived just after 5pm there was only one table free, and I suspect the only reason it was still free was that it's jammed in the corner by some steps and you can only realistically seat one or two people at it. Most of the other tables had lots of people crammed in around them. There was no music, and a flatscreen was showing Sky News with subtitles and the sound turned off — there was plenty of conversational noise though. The lighting was almost but not quite too dim to read a book.

Six real ales were on; Ruddles, Abbot Ale, Abbot Reserve, Irish Red, Granny Wouldn't Like It (£1.95/pint), and Old Hooky.

Accessibility: No steps to get in, to the bar, or to the toilets (including a dedicated accessible one), though it's a bit of a tight squeeze past the corner of the bar to get to the toilets. At least half of the seating is down a couple of steps.

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Last visited by Kake, March 2010. Opening times and food info taken from the 2009 Good Beer Guide.

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