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|| [[Locale Mayfair|Mayfair]] || [[Locale Piccadilly Circus|Picc Circus]] || [[Locale Chinatown|Chinatown]] ||

A grand and antiquated area of London lying within the City of Westminster, mostly in SW1, and bounded by Whitehall to the east and Green Park to the west, south of Piccadilly and north of St James's Park. This latter is one of the most pleasant green spaces in central London, with its duck pond and variety of animal life, though it can get busy with tourists.

It largely takes its character from the royal residences of Buckingham Palace and Clarence House, with more than its fair share of art galleries and auctioneers, as well as some of the more esteemed gentlemen's clubs, hotels, shops and restaurants in London (primarily along St James's Street). Shops here include gunmakers, tobacconists, cheesemongers, and the wine merchants Berry Bros and Rudd.

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