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An area of South-East London.

Historically, this isn't an area name, but merely the site of the eponymous glass building, re-erected in an open area of Upper Sydenham overlooking London, which came to be called Crystal Palace Park. However, the name Crystal Palace has since become associated with the area, which is more accurately the borders of Upper Norwood, Upper Sydenham and Anerley, mostly in SE19. It is shared between the London Boroughs of Croydon (to the south-west), Lambeth (north-west), Bromley (south) and Southwark (north-east).

Most of the commercial and social activities take place in a triangle of one-way roads, with Westow Hill along the north side, Westow Street on the west, and Church Road rejoining Westow Hill at the north-western corner of Crystal Palace Park.

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