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An area of South-East London, contiguous to the Thames, and lying within the London Borough of Southwark.

Bermondsey has existed in some form since the Domesday Book, and various architectural remnants of its past still exist. Much of its current housing stock
is council or ex-council, and there are also a number of industrial estates clustered around [[South Bermondsey Station]]. The area closest to the river is more upmarket, with [http://hidden-london.com/shadthames.html Shad Thames] having been completely redeveloped.

Transport-wise, it's served by [[Bermondsey Station]] on the [[Category Jubilee Line|Jubilee Line]] and [[South Bermondsey Station]] on the overground [[Category South London Line|South London Line]], as well as a number of bus services.

For the purposes of RGL, we consider Bermondsey to be roughly bounded by the Thames to the north, [[Southwark Park]] and Ilderton Road to the east, the [[Locale Old Kent Road|Old Kent Road]] to the south-west, and Tower Bridge Road (or, possibly, Bermondsey Street) to the north-west, largely in the [[Locale SE1|SE1]] postal district. It has a slight overlap with [[Locale Rotherhithe|Rotherhithe]] to the east in [[Locale SE16|SE16]]; some people think Southwark Park is in Bermondsey, others think it's in Rotherhithe, and this uncertainty extends to the council estates along the northern part of Southwark Park Road.

See also:
* [http://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=102728106156796793530.00044630aa9ca0330a5e2 Kake's Google map showing the extent of the area]
* [http://hidden-london.com/bermondsey.html Hidden London entry]
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bermondsey Wikipedia entry]

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Comment added by secretlondon: If we consider Tower Bridge Road to be the boundary this excludes Bermondsey Street and Bermondsey Square which seems obviously wrong. That area certainly calls itself Bermondsey.
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