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Wetherspoons pub in Kingston, near the station. The building used to be a cinema, the Kingston Empire, and a "ghost sign" is still visible on the side wall photo.

It's quite large, with two entrances and additional seating upstairs (there may be a bar up there too, didn't check). On the ground floor, a long bar runs across the back wall, and the seating space is divided into two areas by an interior wall lined with booth seating.

Kake visited on a Wednesday lunchtime in December 2011. It was quite close to Christmas, and so there were a fair few people in, but still some free tables due to the size of the place. A half of Adnams Spiced Winter Beer was £1.08.

Accessibility: Step-free at both entrances. Some of the seating is on daises or at high tables, but there's plenty of normal seating too. I think it was step-free to the ladies' but I neglected to write this down so am not 100% sure.

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Last visited by Kake, December 2011. Opening hours taken from the Wetherspoons website, December 2011.

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