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Turkish restaurant near Victoria Station.

Inside, it stretches back a fair way from the frontage, with a low ceiling and not much natural light except at the front. The ambience and decor are fairly smart. Comfortably-padded leather chairs flank polished wooden tables set with ribbon-tied white linen napkins, and wine and water glasses are arranged elegantly on a subtle diagonal across the table.

Kake and James visited on a Tuesday lunchtime in October 2010. When we arrived around 1pm, there were a fair few people in, but plenty of free tables. No music was playing, though there was already plenty of background noise from people's conversations.

Turkish bread photo and olives photo were provided free of charge, and there was no problem bringing us tap water. The bread was fresh, warm, sesame-speckled, and wholemeal (the latter being a welcome change from the usual white version).

We only wanted a light lunch, so we ordered the mezze starter platter (£13 for two people; a one-person version would have been £8) photo. Although the portions on this were relatively small, the quality was good. Each individual item had a distinct combination of flavours which nevertheless went well with everything else on the plate. Precise knifework was evident, and they'd also added interesting finishing touches such as a topping of pomegranate seeds on the tabbouleh.

Although they have a reasonably extensive wine list photo, we instead went for a couple of options from their non-alcoholic cocktail list photo — Turkish lemonade (fresh mint, lemon juice, sugar syrup, lemonade, rose water; £4) and Kazan delight (pomegranate juice, apple juice, rose petal syrup; £4). Both of these were nicely balanced, not too sweet, and a reasonable size. They also sell ayran, a Turkish drink based on yoghurt.

Our bill, which didn't include a service charge, was accompanied by four small cubes of some very competent Turkish delight, studded with pistachios and very lightly dusted with icing sugar.

Kake's verdict: The prices are perhaps a little high for the quantity you get, but I generally prefer quality over quantity anyway, and I had no complaints about the quality here. I would like to come back and try some of their grilled meats, and I'd make a special journey to do so.

Accessibility: A step up to get in. I think it's step-free to all seating and to the toilets once you're in, but I'm not 100% sure.

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Last visited by Kake and James, October 2010. Opening hours taken from the Kazan website, October 2010.

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