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Comment added by Deptford Dame: As featured in the BBC2 documentary 'The Tower' which was shown earlier this year. The landlord's excitement about the imminent arrival of lots of rich people buying flats in the converted tower block on the river front was closely followed by dejection when he realised that they didn't want to drink in his boozer because it involved venturing out into the wilds of Deptford on foot.
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summary='Locals' pub in Deptford.' summary='Locals' pub in Deptford.'
summary='Locals' pub in Deptford.' website=''

Locals' pub in Deptford. (The writer John Evelyn himself lived in Deptford for a good deal of his life, and presumably both the pub and the street it's on are named after him.)

It's split into two sides, though there's no door between. The right-hand side, which seems to correspond more to a public bar, has a dartboard.

Kake visited on a rainy Tuesday afternoon in September 2008. Although they have four handpumps in total, they were out of real ale, though the lady behind the bar assured me that they usually have it. Instead, I had a half of Strongbow (£1.45). The retro feel of the place was enhanced by my spotting Woodpecker cider on tap; I don't think I've seen that for at least ten years.

There were quite a few locals in, and everyone seemed to know each other. People were wandering in and out for a chat all the time I was there. The atmosphere was very friendly, and I didn't feel at all unwelcome.

On a return visit later the same month, real ale was indeed in evidence, with Shepherd Neame Masterbrew priced at an impressive £2/pint. Kake had a half and it was just fine. Bob's pint of lemonade and lime was £2.30.

They do food, but I'm not sure what times.

Accessibility: There are three entrances; two of them have a step up to get in, but there's level access via the one round the side. It's all on one level once you're in.

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