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Greasy Spoon/Thai Cafe in Hammersmith

bob visited on a Friday lunchtime in January. They were only serving their Thai lunch menu at this point. They also do breakfasts. They have a fuller Thai menu in the evening.

As normal for thai restaurants at lunchtime there is a choice of dishes which you get to pick what meat to have with it. In this case the options were chicken, beef, pork, duck, prawn and Seafood. The last 3 are more expensive.

I had a Beef Red Curry.(£4.95)Photo. It was fine. There wasnt a lot of meat but there was ample rice and quite a bit of sauce. I helped the flavour by adding some of the chillis in oil available on the table. It was certainly filling and wasnt bad for the price. I also had some jasmine(70p) tea which was served in a normal mug.

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