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Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant just across the road from Clapham Junction Station. It's quite small, seating about 30 people.

Bob visited late on a Thursday evening in March 2010. When I arrived at about 10:30pm, there were about five other customers there already and a few more came afterwards.

The menu mostly looked like standard Chinese takeaway food, but there was the odd Vietnamese dish. I had the Vietnamese spring rolls (£3.20) photo, which were fine. I also had the pho bo (beef noodle soup; £6.40) photo. The beef in this was still slightly rare, which was good, but the stock tasted a little soapy in my opinion. Chinese tea was £1.

bob's verdict: Decent enough place to have a quick bite after the pub but before your train back from Clapham Junction.

Accessibility: Couple of steps up to the entrance.

Last visited by bob, 25 March 2010. Opening hours taken from a sign noticed on that visit.

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