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Pub in [[Locale Enfield Town|Enfield Town]].
[[Category Good Beer Guide|Good Beer Guide]] pub in [[Locale Enfield Town|Enfield Town]].
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summary='Pub in Enfield Town.' website='' summary='Good Beer Guide pub in Enfield Town.'
Pub in Enfield Town.' website=''

Good Beer Guide pub in Enfield Town.

According to the Fancyapint review linked below, it's run by a company called "Welcome Freehouses", but Companies House has no record of this name, and there's no other information about it on the internet. In any case, the pub appears to be essentially a Wetherspoons clone right down to the Thursday curry nights, though unlike most Wetherspoons it isn't music-free, and the ale prices are generally rather higher than one expects in a Wetherspoons. The ceiling is low, there's no natural light except right at the front, and the seating is a cluttered mix of banquettes, armchairs, and normal chairs and tables.

Kake visited on a Tuesday afternoon in September 2011. When I arrived at 3:30pm, there were quite a lot of people in, far more than I'd expected to see in a pub on a weekday afternoon. Music was playing (from a jukebox) at moderate volume, not quite loud enough to impede conversation. The flatscreens were showing Sky News with subtitles and the sound off.

There were five real ales available, all with prices advertised clearly on the handpumps: Marstons EPA (£1.80/pint), Harviestoun American IPA (£3.10/pint), Adnams Broadside (£2.75/pint), Butcombe Brunel 200 IPA (£2.95/pint), and Young's Bitter (£2.55/pint).

Accessibility: Step-free to get in, to the bar, to most of the seating, and to the toilets, including an accessible one (which incorporates baby changing facilities).

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Last visited by Kake, September 2011. Opening hours taken from the 2012 Good Beer Guide.

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