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* [http://www.andyhayler.com/restaurant/fitou/06-09-2011 Andy Hayler's review]
* [http://www.andyhayler.com/show_restaurant.asp?restaurantid=857 Andy Hayler's review]
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Thai restaurant/cafe in North Kensington, previously known as Number One Cafe (and as of May 2011 they were still answering the phone as "Number One Cafe"). Andy Hayler's review (linked below) explains the change of name.

DrHyde visited for lunch in May 2011, with some colleagues from work. Service was good and fast. The food was good, with the spices not overpowering the flavours, and everything looking and tasting fresh. And it was cheap — lunch for 16 people, including starters and soft drinks, was around £250 (i.e. about £15/head).

BYO booze, there's an offie next door.

The scatty service previously noted here has improved.

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Last visited by DrHyde and colleagues, May 2011. Opening hours taken from Fitou's website, November 2011.

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