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Pub in [[Locale Rickmansworth|Rickmansworth]].
Pub in [[Locale Rickmansworth|Rickmansworth]], in the [[Category Good Beer Guide|Good Beer Guide]].
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category='Good Beer Guide 2014,Good Beer Guide 2015,Pub food,Pubs,Real Ale'
category='Good Beer Guide,Good Beer Guide 2014,Good Beer Guide 2015,Pub food,Pubs,Real Ale'
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formatted_website_text=' class="external">thefeathers.co.uk'
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summary='Pub in Rickmansworth.'
summary='Pub in Rickmansworth, in the Good Beer Guide.'

Pub in Rickmansworth, in the Good Beer Guide.

The interior is exposed wood and low ceilings. One side is set up for dining while the other is more pub-like. Table service is available on both sides, though you can of course also buy beer at the bar.

bob visited on a Saturday lunchtime in September 2013. There were plenty of tables available. There were several other customers also eating while I was there.

Ales available were Castle Rock Harvest Pale (£3.80/pint), London Pride (£3.90/pint), and Spitfire. The Harvest Pale and Pride were both very drinkable.

I had the the pie of the day, which was pork and carrot (£11) photo. It came with a salad and some green beans. The pie was, disappointingly, really a stew with a puff pastry lid — but was tasty nonetheless. The green beans were very well cooked. The salad was fresh, and dressed with a very nice honey and wholegrain dressing. I also had a side of fries (£3) photo, which were very good.

Accessibility: No step to get in. Level to the toilets. There is however a step up to the urinals in the gents.

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Last visited by bob, September 2013. Opening hours taken from the 2014 Good Beer Guide.

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