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Comment added by secretlondon: it is 10.30 on sat according to my photo.
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Latin American cafe in Borough. It has two tables in the centre and a bar around the edge. It's quite trendy.

secretlondon visited on a Saturday in November 2008. Quiet music was playing.

Tostada was £3.90. Black cherry cheese cake (£2.20) was lovely. Along with two lattes, the total bill was £8.90 excluding service.

Note that they don't take cards. They do takeaway, and will deliver locally if you order before 11am and spend over £15. They do breakfast too.

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Last visited by secretlondon, 15 November 2008. Opening hours taken from the El Vergel website, November 2008 (except for Sat; the website says they open at 10:30am on Saturdays, secretlondon says they open at 10am).

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