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Not-great kebab place on the [[Locale Old Kent Road|Old Kent Road]]. Also does takeaway and delivery.
Not-great kebab place on the [[Locale Old Kent Road|Old Kent Road]]. Also does takeaway and delivery (for orders over £8, as of May 2008).
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Not-great kebab place on the Old Kent Road. Also does takeaway and delivery (for orders over £8, as of May 2008).

Kake ordered from here on a Saturday evening in May 2008, in the spirit of adventure, hoping to discover another hidden local gem along the lines of Iran E Ma. My hopes were sadly dashed.

Onion rings (£2) were the type made from shaped batter with a few bits of chopped onion in; they were lukewarm and chewy. They didn't even come with a dipping sauce.

Adana kebab (£6) was supposed to be "kofte charcoal grilled and served in a cooked pitta soaked in a special sauce"; it turned out to be mostly sauce and meat, with a few small pieces of chopped pitta bread lurking at the bottom of the sauce. The sauce was bland and greasy, tasting mainly of salt with a hint of tomato.

Trifle (£1.60) had been advertised on the menu as "shredded what [sic] stuffed with cinnamon, almonds and syrup", so I ordered it mainly to find out what it actually was. It turned out to be a pre-made "strawberry flavour trifle", with all the ingredients helpfully listed on the label so I could confirm that it in fact contained no strawberry products whatsoever. I ate a few spoonfuls of it. It was really really horrible. (It's made by these people.)

Perhaps the best thing I can say about this place is that the people who took my order and delivered the food were competent enough, and not unfriendly; and the food was packaged suitably.

Kake's verdict: I might possibly be willing to eat food from El Turkistan again if others in the household wanted to order from them, but I'd certainly not seek it out on purpose.

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Food last sampled by Kake, 17 May 2008. Delivery times taken from flyer delivered on 17 May 2008.

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