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Micropub in Anerley, run by the Gipsy Hill brewery, not far from Crystal Palace Park.

This is the one and only pub run by the Gipsy Hill Brewing Company. It originally opened early in 2016 as a temporary pop-up bar, closing after maybe a couple of months. It reopened permanently in late 2016. Presumably the place is named after the fir trees opposite.

It's a small place (a former one-unit shop), and the furnishing and décor are fairly minimal. When it had been a pop-up place, there were trestle tables, but the current tables are a bit more sturdy, including one central, largish solid wood table with matching benches. There are two comfortable armchairs. Apart from the tables, little has changed. The smoking area is presumably outside on the pavement, on the busy Anerley Road.

Rowley Birkin QC visited on a Saturday afternoon in late January 2017. There was just one member of staff on duty, and there were few other customers initially, but it came alive later, and on the following Sunday evening it was packed. Piped music was playing: decent pop at a moderate level. Heating was from a couple of cheap space heaters, but it was acceptably warm inside.

The beers on offer were those from Gipsy Hill's range (Anorak, Southpaw, Dissident, Hepcat, Beatnik; mostly £4.60/pint), as well as Dark Star Festival (£4.00/pint, on handpump, in good condition), plus a few other beers, wines and spirits. There was no sign of food apart from bar snacks.

There was good WiFi (password on a board behind the bar), and many electrical sockets. Newspapers (Times, Guardian) were supplied.

Accessibility: It's not wheelchair-accessible (a small step into the pub, but the toilet is a single, small WC with a step which could be tricky for someone with a slight disability).

Transport: The nearest stations are Crystal Palace and Anerley. It's on several bus routes: 157, 249, 358, 432.

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Last visited by Rowley Birkin QC, January 2017. Opening hours taken from the door, January 2017 (note that at the time of writing these differ from the hours given on their website).

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