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Persian restaurant in Chiswick, on the site where Gravy used to be.

bob visited on a Monday lunchtime in June 2009. I was the second customer, though 15 minutes later another three people turned up. The restaurant can seat 30 to 40.

I had Makhsoos (£12.50) photo, which was fine. The lamb fillet wasn't as good as I've had before, but the minced lamb was pretty good. The rice was fine. I also had some hommous (£3.10) photo which was okay, and some taftoon bread (£1.25) photo, which was pretty good — crispy in places, soft in others, but with no sesame seeds. The chilli sauce they had was Tabasco.

No service was added to my bill.

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Last visited by bob, 1 June 2009. Opening hours taken from the Chella website, June 2009.

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