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<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[bob]], 17 October 2010. Disabled access info from [http://www.southwarkpct.nhs.uk/signpost/index.php?OrganisationID=381 Southwark PCT].</div>
<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[secretlondon]], 2003. Disabled access info from [http://www.southwarkpct.nhs.uk/signpost/index.php?OrganisationID=381 Southwark PCT].</div>
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formatted_website_text='http://www.wildlondon.org.uk/Naturereserves/CentreforWildlifeGardening/tabid/125/Default.aspx '
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This is a garden centre and environmental project near East Dulwich and Peckham Rye, run by the London Wildlife Trust. The easiest way to get to it is from Grove Vale. Turn left onto Ondine Road and left again onto Marsden Road. You can walk from East Dulwich Station.

The centre sells native species of plants which are wildlife friendly. When secretlondon visited in 2003 they had things such as wild strawberry plants and bricks of coconut mulch. They also sell honey from their hives. It's not a commercial project and functions more as an educational centre, the selling of things is strictly secondary.

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Last visited by secretlondon, 2003. Disabled access info from Southwark PCT.

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