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Italian cafe/restaurant in Chiswick, which used to be Vino Rosso.

bob visited on a Tuesday lunchtime in November 2008. There were four people already dining, though the restaurant can seat 35.

I had the Pizza Forte (£8) photo. It was actually quite good, and almost thin enough for me. You could taste the tinned plum tomatoes and the salami had quite a bit of chilli in so the lack of chillies on the pizza wasn't so noticeable. It was obviously cooked quickly since the mozzarella wasn't really melted. The waiter recommended the tiramisu (£4) photo. He was right to do so since it was very good, not heavy but not too light.

Accessibility: Step-free access, but didn't check the toilets.

Last visited by bob, 25 November 2008. Opening hours determined on that visit.

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