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Pub in [[Locale Borough|Borough]], run by [http://www.onlypubservices.com/ The Only Pub Co].
Pub with a lot of whiskies
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Inside, the floor is wooden and the wallpaper is flocked, but the impression is more of a modern redecoration with an ironic eye to the past, rather than a traditional decor that hasn't changed for decades. There are a couple of sofas as well as normal chairs and tables, and a flatscreen on one wall. There's also some covered outside seating down the side of the pub.

When [[Kake]] and [[bob]] visited on a Monday evening in March 2011, the flatscreen was playing silently in the wrong aspect ratio, and music was playing, fairly loud. There were quite a few people in, though still a few seats available.

On our March 2011 visit, there were two real ales on: Bombardier (£3.55/pint) and Flowers IPA. However, the drink focus is
really on whiskies, a vast array of which is displayed behind the bar and written up on a blackboard.

Accessibility: One step up to get in. Not sure about access to the toilets. The pub is quite small inside.

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<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[Kake]] and [[bob]], March 2011.</div>

Beer is drinkable. Not really much space.
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summary='Pub with a lot of whiskies' summary='Pub with a lot of whiskies in Borough.'
summary='Pub with a lot of whiskies' website='http://www.onlypubservices.com/'

Pub with a lot of whiskies

Beer is drinkable. Not really much space.

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