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Pub in [[Locale Epping|Epping]].
Pub in [[Locale Epping|Epping]], in the [[Category Good Beer Guide|Good Beer Guide]].
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category='Beer Garden,Good Beer Guide 2008,Good Beer Guide 2009,Good Beer Guide 2013,Live Music,Open Fire,Pub Food,Pubs,Real Ale,Smoking Area'
category='Beer Garden,Good Beer Guide,Good Beer Guide 2008,Good Beer Guide 2009,Good Beer Guide 2013,Live Music,Open Fire,Pub Food,Pubs,Real Ale,Smoking Area'
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summary='Pub in Epping.'
summary='Pub in Epping, in the Good Beer Guide.'

Pub in Epping, in the Good Beer Guide.

It's divided into two halves, with no internal connections between them. The right-hand side is cosier and more traditional in decor, and has an open fire which is used in the winter months. Entry to the left-hand side is into a fairly sparse bar area, with a flatscreen, tall stools at the bar, and a long shelf winding around the walls for vertical drinkers to rest their pints; the only normal height seating is at a small table in one corner by the door.

Down a few steps from the left-hand bar, however, is a back room with more space. A large old brick fireplace (which seems to no longer be in use) dominates one wall, with a high-backed armchair set at an angle in front. Other seating is provided by a mixture of stools, upright chairs, and a stripy upholstered banquette. The ceiling is low, with exposed beams, and some rather generic artwork adorns the walls. Access to the beer garden is to one side here.

Kake and friends visited on a Wednesday afternoon in September 2012. There were two real ales available: Young's Special and Wychwood Hobgoblin; however, the Special was sour enough that we took it back to the bar, where they were happy to exchange it for a Hobgoblin. Pimm's and lemonade (£2.85) was served heavy on the Pimm's and with no bits of fruit in, not even a lemon slice.

There were a handful of people in when we arrived around 3pm, friendly and chatty. The flatscreen in the left-hand bar was switched off, while another screen in the back room was silently displaying details of upcoming live music events.

According to their website as of September 2012, food is served noon-3pm (not sure which days though).

Child-friendliness: They had no problem with us bringing a baby in, but there are no changing facilities. Don't know what their policy is on older children.

Accessibility: Steps to get in, and more steps to get to the toilets on the left-hand side. Not sure what the toilet situation is on the right-hand side.

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Last visited by Kake et al., September 2012. Opening hours taken from the 2013 Good Beer Guide.

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