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A bar and restaurant on Bermondsey Street in Bermondsey.

It sells cocktails and a wide variety of wines. The cocktails are £5 before 7pm Monday to Saturday. They sell some beer but nothing very exciting. Before around 6:30pm they sell tapas rather than food.

secretlondon and some colleagues went here for a drink one Friday evening in March 2009. She had a Serendipity cocktail (£5) photo and a tortilla (£4) photo which was more like a quarter of Spanish omelette (which is right if it's a Spanish tortilla --bob). Others had olives (£3) and bread & hoummus (£4).

We generally weren't impressed by the food but didn't try the main menu.

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Last visited by secretlondon, March 2009. Opening times taken from website and appear to be for the restaurant only.

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