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[[Category Antic Pubs|Antic]] pub in [[Locale Grove Park|Grove Park]].
[[Category Antic Pubs|Antic]] pub in [[Locale Grove Park|Grove Park]], in the [[Category Good Beer Guide|Good Beer Guide]].
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category='Antic Pubs,Beer Garden,Good Beer Guide 2016,Pub Food,Pub Quiz,Pub Quiz On Tuesdays,Pubs,Real Ale,Real Cider,Smoking Area'
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category='Antic Pubs,Beer Garden,Good Beer Guide,Good Beer Guide 2016,Pub Food,Pub Quiz,Pub Quiz On Tuesdays,Pubs,Real Ale,Real Cider,Smoking Area'
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summary='Antic pub in Grove Park.'
summary='Antic pub in Grove Park, in the Good Beer Guide.'

Antic pub in Grove Park, in the Good Beer Guide.

It's quite large, but dividing walls have been left in place to separate it into several areas, saving it from seeming too cavernous. Varnished floorboards are underfoot, and various pillars, beams, and ceiling sections have been left unfinished. There's a fairly basic beer garden out the back, consisting of several picnic benches on a patio adjoining a car park.

Antic's trademark quirkiness isn't too heavy-handed here, though there are a few touches of it: menus clipped to old vinyl record sleeves, a stuffed squirrel in a glass case, and a sort of old-fashioned parlour arrangement in the ladies' photo.

Kake visited on a Friday early evening in September 2015. I arrived just after the opening time of 4pm, along with about half a dozen other customers, including a child. People continued to arrive, and by 4:30pm it was quite lively. Music was playing, not too loud.

There are two banks of handpumps on the bar, but the clips were doubled up. The real ales were Sharp's Doom Bar, King Beer Elixir #1, Southwark Bermondsey Best (1.85/half), and Volden Vim, and there was one real cider: Seacider Strawberry.

According to their website as of August 2015, the main menu photo as of Sep 2015 is served 5pm-10pm Tue-Fri and noon-5pm and 6pm-10pm Sat; and roast lunches are served noon-5pm Sun.

According to a notice seen in September 2015, quiz night is Tuesday from 8pm.

Accessibility: Two steps to get in. No steps to the ladies' once you're in, though there is at least one small step to the gents'. A step down and three steps up to the beer garden.

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Last visited by Kake, September 2015. Opening hours taken from the Baring Hall Hotel website, August 2015.

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