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Bar Nakoda, E1 1DE

  • 199 Whitechapel Road

Bar Nakoda was a pub/bar on Whitechapel Road, previously known as the Black Bull but not obviously different from the Black Bull incarnation. It closed in 2009, and became a restaurant called Bombay Grill photo.

The information below is retained for people who want to know what it used to be like.

Previously known as the Black Bull, this reopened as Bar Nakoda in late 2007.

The interior is fairly sparse, with a few banquette-enclosed tables to one side (seating maybe eight at each) and a few table/chair clusters scattered around the rest of the interior. Most of the other customers (the post-work crowd) during our December 2007 visit chose to ignore the seating in favour of standing around by the bar.

They serve Nethergate real ales; on Kake and Bob's visit in December 2007 they had Old Growler, Sussex County and Augustinian all at £2.80/pint.

Howard visited in March 2008; staff and customers were both friendly. Sports/races on flat screen. I tried the Nethergate Azzaparrot, Nethergate Suffolk County and Nethergate IPA, all very good.

The beer is well-kept, in the opinion of both Bob and Howard.

Didn't serve food at the time of our December 2007 visit, but they told us that after Christmas they planned to start serving an Indian buffet as well as an a la carte Indian menu. The buffet serving area had already been at least partially constructed by the time of that visit; not sure whether these plans have actually been realised though.

As of October 2008, there is still no Indian food of any sort.

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GPS data collected by Bob on a Garmin eTrex, 25 March 2007, and released into the public domain: OSGB 534515, 181753.

Last visited by Howard, 11 March 2008.
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